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Kamares Sanctuaries offers luxurious and upscale boutique-style accommodations with an impressive selection of private suites. Our idyllic location is tucked away in a secluded and private setting, providing a tranquil escape for discerning travelers seeking style and comfort. Our aim is to help our guests discover the true treasures of Crete through an unconventional and radical approach that goes beyond the ordinary.

In addition to providing exceptional accommodation, we are pleased to introduce our sister company, Radical Tourists. We offer uniquely designed small group travel packages that combine a stay at Kamares Sanctuaries with other hidden gems in Crete, providing the ultimate Cretan experience. Whether you seek to explore the island's rich culture, history, or natural wonders, our travel packages offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Crete. 

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Small Hotel - Mega Service Kamares Sanctuaries is a boutique hotel that accommodates a maximum of six rooms, catering exclusively to adult guests, with a total capacity of twelve individuals. Our intimate setting enables us to forge personal connections with our guests, including like-minded couples and individuals. We are committed to enhancing our guests' holiday experience by providing exceptional facilities, meaningful interactions, and unconventional tips that offer a truly authentic perspective of Crete. Our approach to hospitality is akin to hosting friends, and we take great pride in extending warm and personalized service to all who visit us.

Far & Near

Kamares Sanctuaries is discreetly situated in a private and secluded enclave in the Gribiliana region of Kolymvari village. Our hilltop location remains untouched by mass tourism and boasts a captivating blend of Turkish, Venetian, and ancient Cretan architecture. Guests can meander along picturesque paths and marvel at impressive cacti, all while enjoying panoramic views of the coastline. Moreover, our location is strategically positioned for easy access to the most remarkable beaches and other noteworthy attractions in Western Crete, while still being in proximity to the charming city of Chania, renowned for its striking Venetian port and historic old town.

Cozy & Comfy

At Kamares Sanctuaries, we pride ourselves on offering a delightfully cozy and intimately designed accommodation experience, infused with meticulous attention to detail and an artistic flair in its decor. Guests can luxuriate in unparalleled comfort, whether soaking up the sun on our shared terrace, unwinding in the Jacuzzi while taking in breathtaking views of the coastline, or retreating to the sumptuous comfort of our beautiful suites. We aim to create an ambiance of serenity, tranquility, and refinement, where every moment spent at Kamares Sanctuaries is a memorable one.

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 " Strategic area to see the most beautiful beaches of the north! Quiet and very nice area with a small port where there are many tavernas to eat and stay outside the crowds. Clean and modern apartment as in the picture. But above all, I strongly recommend the hospitality of Emilio who recommended us for the whole week both the beaches where to go and the taverns where to stop and I must say we were never disappointed!! Recommended above all for couples who want some privacy and relaxation. " 


 " Amazing, wonderful, relaxing, home-away-from-home feel ... to say the least! To say that our stay was great would be an understatement! Emilio is beyond wonderful and we cannot thank him enough for making our vacation even more enjoyable. The property is a treasure you do not want many to discover, yet cannot help talking about. A sanctuary nevertheless, making you escape your everyday thoughts! Emilio is the best tour guide, kind enough to share the secret spots and places to go to where not many tourists may venture. Not to mention the most discrete medium in putting secret birthday plans into action! The only thing you will regret is not booking your stay for longer. We challenge you to find something that you will not like. " 


 ” Kamares was a great place to stay on the west of Crete. The location is perfect for visiting the beaches that Crete is famous for. It is a short walk down to the small town where there a couple of great places to eat. It’s advisable to have a car so that you can visit some of the places that the host recommends! He pretty much planned my entire three days and they were perfect. Amazing places to eat and quieter beaches which I would not have found myself. The actual apartment was beautiful. Well designed and had a great balcony so there was some outdoor space. “ 

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